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Bo A and Kang Ta also watched and reviewed our first broadcast.”Then what is the relationship like between Yunho and Changmin?

Changmin replied, “Our relationship has gotten stronger over the past two years.

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Those values are personal problems, and I don’t want to go into anything long-winded on that. I just want them to solve the dispute with our company, and hurry up and come back. The media has been creating an issue out of it, and the situation has turned into an offensive and defensive battle.

I think it’s definite that people are curious for the thoughts from all five of us. And even if we want to contact them, their numbers have changed, so we might not have accepted the call because of the unfamiliar number.

TVXQ was known for its strong performances and lives, so there wasn’t a single thing we could slack off on.

We brought about a lot of changes on the high notes, and switched parts for every different genre.”Changmin said, “There’s pressure in having to carry the name of ‘TVXQ’ as two members.

In order to make sure it would never be forgotten, we figured that this would be the best way to protect TVXQ.

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