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Ottis, a defensive lineman, was named to two Division II All-American teams.He was selected by the NCAA and by members of Co SIDA.The Transform Diet plan is a 12-week program meant to help dieters transform their entire body by burning fat quicker and more efficiently, accessing the "after burn" effects that can result from proper fitness regimens, and eating to fuel your body in the proper ways.

Salisbury addresses this interest by debunking some of the basic tenants of popular diets, such as the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet.

Additionally, he sites numerous medical professionals and professionals in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology.

Rather than waiting to eat when hungry, he suggests consuming foods that boost metabolism and encourages dieters to eat before they are hungry.

Salisbury's diet is based on his own personal experience of weight loss and getting fit.

Defensively, the Wildcats were led in tackles by Jon Adkisson with 104.

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