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If half the reason you watch Dancing with the Stars is to see what kind of uber-sexy, body-exposing sequins-and-feathers combos costume designer Randall Christensen can come up with next, like I do, you might be sorely disappointed when new contestant Bristol Palin takes to the stage next season. ), and the country's most famous teen mother, Bristol Palin, is among the lucky few trying to waltz their way to disco ball trophy distinction.

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The daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin landed in the bottom two alongside Margaret Cho on this week's results show but was given a lifeline when the comedienne was sent home over her.

Speaking to 's Shaun Robinson, the teenager said that her next dance with partner Mark Ballas will be the rumba and admitted that the biggest challenge will be the "sexiness" of the movements.

He had a My Space page where he described himself as a "f---ing redneck" and clearly stated: "I don’t want kids." Pictures showed him flipping the bird to the camera and carrying guns.

It was the kind of thing you would think would be set to private The public got its first glimpse of Levi at the Republican National Convention where he showed up to dutifully hold hands with Bristol while his would-be mother-in-law made her big national debut.

What do you dolls think she'll be wearing on DWTS?

Bristol palin dating dancing

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