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Yoongi feels the familiar weight of Hoseok next to him and turns over to face him, pulling him closer and snuggling into him “Five more minutes Hobi.” he tries.

And on any other day Hoseok would cave instantly, always weak for his little kitten and his abuse of how cute he is, but not today.“Nonono, time to get up! ” he insists and prys Yoongi off before standing up and hauling the sleepy kitten out of bed.


He takes care not to rip the gift wrapping, gently opening it at the corners and slowly unfolding it from around the boxes.“Hey! ” He says happily as he examines his new neck-pillow.

By the time he’s done unwrapping his gifts, the two have found their way closer to each other, Yoongi sitting with his back pressed against Hoseok’s chest. It was a simple black satin collar with a silver loop dangling from the middle and their names engraved on it.

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It's Yoongi's very first Christmas with Hoseok and he isn't very excited about if. It would be the first Christmas he was celebrating with Hoseok but he doesn’t think it would be any different to all the other years.

The Christmas tree that, up until last night didn’t have anything under it.“Oh”, Yoongi breathes. And suddenly the grumpy little cat is an adorably awed one with wide eyes and a flickering tail. Hoseok comes over and sits down next to him under their brightly lit Christmas tree, picks up another box, a bigger one covered in green wrapping.“You can open them all Yoongi.

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