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by  |  21-Oct-2019 20:16

While the essential oil is usually referred to as camphor oil, it is actually only white camphor oil that can be used medicinally.

Brown and yellow camphor oil are not safe for medical purposes.


It may not be what you need but some people have found that it gives them a sense of calm and well-being and can also help them get a good night’s sleep.

White camphor essential oil has a potent aroma that can help repel all those nasty intruders from your home.

You can add camphor oil to a spray bottle of water to make your own effective carpet and clothing protection and to keep unwanted critters at bay.

Camphor boosts circulation by encouraging blood flow.

Camphor oil is used as an ingredient in many decongestant balms and soothing cold rubs like tiger balm and Vicks Vaporub.

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