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Subsequent scholars examining the Italian and Spanish texts have been unable, however, to confirm Toland's observation.This work should not be confused also with the surviving Epistle of Barnabas, which may have been written in 2nd century Alexandria.

Sale's translation of the Qur'an text became the standard English version at that time; and through its dissemination, and that of the Preliminary Discourse, an awareness of the Gospel of Barnabas spread widely in scholarly circles; prompting many fruitless attempts to find the Arabic original to which Sale referred.

However, in his description of the Gospel in the Preliminary Discourse, Sale was relying entirely on second-hand accounts.

While describing how the Bible predicts Muhammad, he speaks of the "Gospel of Saint Barnabas where one can find the light" ("y así mismo en Evangelio de San Bernabé, donde se hallará la luz").

The first published account of the Gospel was in 1717, when a brief reference to the Spanish text is found in De religione Mohamedica by Adriaan Reland; The Muhammadans have also a Gospel in Arabic, attributed to saint Barnabas, wherein the history of Jesus Christ is related in a manner very different from what we find in the true Gospels, and correspondent to those traditions which Muhammad has followed in his Quran.

As told in the Book of Joshua in the Bible, Joshua led the Israelites to Jericho, the heart of the Promised Land.

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