Carrie anne moss and keanu reeves dating

by  |  15-Oct-2019 15:55

Carrie-Anne Moss is the subject of a respectable number of heavy-breathing fan Web sites, has logged a few minutes on Jay Leno's couch, has signed plenty of autographs.

But compared with other phenomena — her stoic costar Keanu Reeves and those much-imitated slow-motion high kicks, say — the Canadian actress seems kind of overshadowed. After four years and a handful of other movies — including the brilliant retrograde murder mystery takes place in a cave close to the earth's molten core in the subterranean city of Zion.

Even as a teenager, even though her mom raised her as a single parent, even though she didn't meet her dad until she was fourteen, she wasn't a rebel.

Once, though, early on, she turned herself in for an egregious crime. "I was about five years old, and I took a candy from a store.

We paid for three of them, but I took four, and I went home and cried. I don't use computers, and all those special effects go against my natural instincts.

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