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And big-name biohackers want to make sure women have options too, should this coming cybersexual revolution make genital implants as routine as piercings.Steve Haworth is well known and respected in the body modification community.He's implanted magnets in the cartilage of his ears that can function as headphones and attempted to put tubes of experimental "armor" in his lower legs to act as built-in shin guards, should a soccer game break out at any moment, I suppose.

These "grinders" -- a slang term for biohackers who use themselves as laboratories -- aren't satisfied with making trips to the robot red-light district to consort with increasingly realistic sex machines.

Impressive smart sex toys might be fine for the general public looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

Lee clearly communicates a kind of existential rebellion that flows through some sectors of the biohacking community.

Extreme body modification can be like a middle finger raised toward nature, which Lee refers to as "a force that is continuously trying to murder us." "The fact that some people venerate this force or give it reverence is infuriating to me," Lee told me.

He's the one who put magnetic speakers in Lee's ears and claims to have pioneered the subdermal and transdermal implant on human limbs and other less private regions.

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