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And unless we change misconceptions about street children, unless we break our taboos and talk about the extent of sexual violence (and other violence) against them, and unless we take a good look at how our social protection system, welfare and foster care services can better protect and help these children, until then we will have accomplished nothing.The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Bank.

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I have wondered about the timing of this: Just last month, I took one of my street girls to a plastic surgeon who had generously offered free reconstructive surgery for the scars she and others like her had suffered during such attacks.

For scarring is part of the street rape culture—any girl or boy raped is “marked”.

This mark, usually a curve under the eye of the victim, is supposed to mean that they are no longer virgins.

Subsequent sexual attacks—and there will be many—lead to smaller marks elsewhere on the body.

The articles on sexual harassment and sexual assault often refer to “citizens’ honor” having been violated, and to “citizens falling prey to gross injustice”, but we have failed to consider the sufferings of the excluded class of street children, who some regard more or less as second-class citizens, unlikely to hold even national identity cards.

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