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The Nyingmapa incorporate many diverse lineages and practices, often varying from one geographical locale to another—though they all trace their lineage sources to Padmasambhava—and as a result, they had not historically appointed a head of their lineage.

The new position of lineage head of the Nyingmapa was requested by the Central Tibetan Administration for representational purposes in that body, and the Nyingma leaders asked Dudjom Rinpoche to fulfill that role on behalf of the Nyingma school.

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Dudjom Rinpoche was known for preserving many of the historic terma teachings and practice lineages that were at risk of being destroyed.

He is described by followers as having been an exceptional scholar in various fields, including sūtra, tantra, prose literature, poetry, and history.

His mother was Namgyal Drolma, descended from Ratna Lingpa.

Dudjom Rinpoche was also a descendant of Nyatri Zangpo and Powo Kanam Depa, king of Powo.

In 1988, a year after his death, Dudjom Rinpoche's physical body was moved from France and placed in a stūpa in one of his main monasteries near Boudhanath, Nepal.

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