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The small fractions that are not bound to plasma protein, however, passes freely through the filtration membrane and appears in the urine.Kidney infection and trauma can damage the filtration membrane (located in the Bowman's capsule).The medical terms for the presence of protein and blood in the urine are proteinuria (albuminuria) and hematuria, respectively.

It allows them to maintain a relatively stable glomerular filtration rate in spite of changes in arterial blood pressure.

The second stage of urine formation is tubular reabsorption and secretion.

After water and other substances leave the surface of the renal tubule, they are reabsorbed by the capillaries, into the bloodstream.

Tubular secretion is the process in which renal tubule extracts chemicals from the capillary's blood and secretes them into the tubular fluid.

Maintaining the correct volume and concentration of blood and removing wastes and toxins from it are essential functions of the kidneys.

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