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by  |  22-Apr-2019 23:40

A so called ”Shuangguo” hook sword which are often found in pairs, but this seems to be a lone example.

The hook sword was a typical Kung-Fu weapon and was demanded by martial artists and was quite well made.

Daarnaast ook voorzien van onze ' Quickdry' technologie.

Tracking the Tocharians from Europe to China: a linguistic reconstruction (NWO-VIDI) Tocharian is known through manuscripts from Northwest China dating from 500–1000 AD. On the basis of contacts with other languages their migration route will be established.

Met ruim 30 jaar ervaring in de algemene tandheelkunde en endodontologie staat het team van internationale tandartsen bij tandartsenpraktijk H. van Mill in Amstelveen vooral bekend om haar innovatieve behandeltechnieken op topniveau. PREVENTIE en MONDHYGIËNE KINDERTANDHEELKUNDE PARODONTOLOGIE ENDODONTOLOGIE IMPLANTOLOGIE ORTHODONTIE KROON en BRUGWERK en FACINGS.

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