Chris bath dating jim wilson gamehouse flash dating license

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House has finally reached some stability with his doctor Wilson.

Despite not being able to share his brand new happiness with the outside world, the doctor may have made the tough detective less reluctant to believe in angels.

Not only that but she's there with Wilson's girlfriend, and Wilson, and soon comes to realize that House is running the place and has all the powers of a sick, twisted, demon rapist.

She begins to realize that maybe she likes the treatment more than she ever thought she could.

When May is offered a job at Princeton Plainsboro, these two clash: the young woman with the intense need to control everything in her life and the doctor who doesn't know when to stop trying to fix everything and everyone. Warnings for whole fic: Alcohol mention, sexual content. This is my first fanfic ever, and I chose to tackle a Wilson reader-insert due to my own massive crush on James Wilson and the lack of reader-insert Wilson fics out there.

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