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I swear to God that has to be a common misconception. There are so many girls that write me letters about how they want to convert me and marry me, which is very flattering. They underestimate the tolerance of the new generation. I remember when I was in high school, and Ellen De Generes came out of the closet, many people didn’t know what a gay person looked like in pop culture. One of the first things I was ever told, when I got my first job, was, “R. P., your career, because you’re starting off playing a gay character. You, a young actor, need a female audience to fall in love with you if you want to work again. I always keep that tight-lipped for people’s safety.

Chris Potter from Heartland, Queer as Folk and Kung Fu The Legend Continues is very much a gay man (not bisexual) but like many gay men in Canada he has chosen to remain in the closet; he has a wife who is a lesbian and to whom he has been married for many years.

She receives a lifestyle compensation in exchange for keeping up the charade.

I don’t think that’s ever going to happen again, where someone writes a full movie for me. Although I would never put limits on my abilities as an actor, I know many people do that for me. I’ve spent so much time telling people that I’m really flattered that you think I’m Kurt Hummel, but he really is a character. Maybe 5 percent of the letters I get are from actual gay kids. I welcome them to open up my Twitter feed, because it’s all young girls.

But I feel—not to use a cheesy lightning reference—that type of lightning is going to strike once for me. As soon as Blaine came into the picture, the whole fandom behind Kurt almost shifted. There are so many people that are obsessed with the couple. I would say 95 percent of my fans are teenage girls. That’s not going to happen if you play a gay guy.” It’s, like, really?

I have nothing that I want to hide, but I have to be very careful, because I have very passionate fans that are very protective over me.

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