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Here’s a quick thought for you: the lineage of Christ recorded in Matthew 1 lists a prostitute (Rahab, who eventually married Salmon), an adulterous couple (David, who married Bathsheba after having her husband murdered), and a widow (who married her kinsman-redeemer, Boaz). God is the Redeemer of All Things Throughout scripture, we are given so many promises to show us that there is always hope!

And, even if you could find friends and activities, there’s no money for child care for an occasional evening of adult fellowship. Sometimes people turn their backs on God’s perfect plan for their lives. Maybe you weren’t even a Christian when you went through your divorce. Maybe it was your addiction that made life with you unbearable. My family crumbled under the pain and shame of divorce. I had nothing left but Jesus…but Jesus was more than I ever needed. And he is the giver of new life, the one who can resurrect our lives from the death of divorce. God Hates Divorce Oh, I know you cringe when you hear that!

And then there are those well-meaning Christians who want you to know that you have failed Christ by your divorce. They tell you that if you remarry one day, you will forever be living in an adulterous relationship, surely condemned to eternal hell. Sometimes one party makes choices that forever change a covenant relationship. And yet now that you have given your life to Christ, you find people telling you that you must remain single. You live with the constant shame and guilt that you destroyed your family. I’ve lived through the hurt and the pain, the shame and guilt. It has been a long, tough road, but my God is in the process of redeeming every hurt and pain I have experienced. It’s thrown in your face as if divorce is the unpardonable sin.

It is far less about sin and far more about his father’s heart for us. And there are scholars who say remarriage is always allowed because of God’s grace.interpretation.

Only the scripture itself is a divinely inspired Word of God.

And 1 Peter says that the suffering won’t last forever but one day he will have you put together and on your feet again. He pursued me relentlessly and called me to get my security from him. But God reminded me that he loves me, that I am his chosen child, his treasured possession.

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