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Its territory and constituent parts however have a long history under various other administrative and historic units of governance.

Cumbria is an upland, coastal and rural area, with a history of invasions, migration and settlement, as well as battles and skirmishes between the English and the Scots.

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Other lithic blades were found at Lindale Low Cave at the mouth of the River Kent, in caves at Blenkett Wood, Allithwaite, and at Bart's Shelter, Furness (including reindeer and elk bones).

During the following Younger Dryas stadial (colder period), c.

This article is about the area that became the county of Cumbria in 1974, and its inhabitants.

Although the term Cumbria was in use in the 10th century AD, this was a description of an entity belonging to the small kingdom of Strathclyde.

In the 12th century, Cumberland and Westmorland came into existence as administrative counties.

Christian dating in cumbria

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