Christina hendricks dating history

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Christina hendricks dating history

” And I said “I’ll learn French, and I don’t play the piano, but I do play a little bit of the accordion.” And wouldn’t that be way easier to somehow all of a sudden see an accordion in Joan’s apartment than, like, all of a sudden… I think that we just didn’t really know who she was at the beginning. Certainly for me as an actress, I didn’t know who she was.

“We’ve never seen the piano in the corner of the room! The stories had to be told, and I think a lot of the characters in the show went through very wild story lines and also some things they didn’t learn as a character.

And yet, because we got to play a decade, we would sort of highlight something political or something societal that was going on.

To me it felt like this energy of seeing this change, and having people have a strong opinion and a cause.

And I like when she stands up for herself further into it, but they still always end back in that situation, discussing it, and I think they’re always truly wondering if their way is right and truly wondering if the other’s is right. Well, obviously Don and Joan don’t have tons together, but when they do they’re sort of these — at least for me — fantastic scenes.

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