Christopher uckermann dating dating a reclusive man

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Vondys are the largest group of fans of the most popular couple, from Pop Mexican group RBD. It means Von = for Christopher Von Uckermann, and Dy= for the last syllabus of the name Dulce in English Candy.

The guys that are part of this group of fans are called Dyvons.

Being engaged in the Hollywood industry since childhood, Christopher has probably amassed a good amount of money.

As well he is involved in the music industry so from his multiple profession, Vons's surely collected a notable fortune.

In 1993, at the age of 10, she released her debut album, Anahí.

, which featured the singles "Corazón de Bombón", "Por Volverte a Ver", and "Descontrolándote".

RBD released their first English-language album "Rebels" on December 19 ,2006.

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