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May 2015: The first official photos of the couple came the following month when paparazzi found the pair strolling around New York City arm in arm.

Both Cooper and Shayk attended the Met Gala early in the month, though they arrived and left separately from the high-profile event.

Still, Page Six spies reportedly saw them “making out” until the wee hours of the morning at Rihanna’s after party at a nightclub in Manhattan. as they were photographed kissing in the daylight hours on the streets of London.

A week later the new couple seemed much more comfortable with their P. June 2015: In June, the couple made their Buckingham Palace debut at a dinner for The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation hosted by Prince Charles.

If there were any doubts left over their relationship, these photos quickly put them to rest.

September 2015: Shayk met Cooper’s mother, Gloria Campano, over Labor Day Weekend in 2015 as the trio hung out on the beach together in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

But they may end up regretting that decision; according to the episode's description, they're in for a "wild" night.

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