Cocky funny online dating messages

by  |  23-Apr-2019 11:09

Good texts always serve to ramp up the sexual vibe – AND they’re a tool for you to screen out the women you DON’T want.

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And women hate to have people thinking bad of them, so she will work to change your perception. Keep up the joking about how she just wants to use you for sex, etc. This one is also good for those early dates, but this works really well for when you know you’ve got her on the hook a little and still need to use the push-pull to keep her interested in you.

I also like to follow up a few minutes later (only if I haven’t heard from her) with this: “I’m partial to chicken and pasta… ” The best part of this one is that this is something you do need to see if she can handle.

There’s a lot of talk these days about being cocky funny in your emails to women you meet online.

Well, that does work to some extent, but I’ll reserve my judgment and critique of that approach for another day.

What a woman really wants is a nice guy who’s strong, who’s got balls, who will stand up to her, who has confidence, who won’t take her shit.

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