Code ethics doctors dating patients

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Her mother says that a world expert has diagnosed her as schizophrenic so they should put her on a hold and treat her for that.Suddenly Bell wants to keep the patient in the hospital and move her to the VIP ward. While Bell stalls them, Hawkins and Nevins diagnose the patient with Wegener’s syndrome—a rare autoimmune disease but a treatable one.

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After pulling some strings using personal connections, the insurance company changes its mind and agrees to cover 85% of the cost. After the surgery, Murphy is unable to wake her up, fearing she was braindead. However, the anesthesiologist posits that the girl has a rare condition where she does not break down the anesthetic. She does and although the nerves won’t be fully function for 3 months, the careful application of electricity to her face activates the muscles. In a third storyline, Kalu’s patient from a previous episode returns and he finds her attractive.

He thinks she is into him, but thinks that her feelings toward him, if she has them, might be transference because she was in a vulnerable place.

This show does not hide its main theme, that the drive for excess profit and wealth has corrupted the medical system, and that idea is in full display here.

Chicago Med (Season 3; Episode 12): Pedophilia; Cherry-picking; ECMO; teenage pregnancy The theme of this episode is tough choices.

In order to get her admitted, Hawkins decides to lie and say that the patient was experiencing chest pain.

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