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(In that system, "AD" stood for Anno Diocletiani, and should not be confused with the present-day AD system.) Because Dionysius Exiguus in the year 525 wanted to end the memorialization of an evil man who persecuted Christians, he invented a new numbering system based on his calculations of the birth year of Jesus Christ.

However, as he miscalculated, the terms BCE/CE are more accurate than BC/AD as the last few years BC were not actually Before Christ, and hence 1 AD is not actually the first year after Jesus' birth.

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The western-style year dating convention commonly used in many parts of the world was created by the monk Dionysius Exiguus in or about the year AD 532.

The convention is based on Exiguus' determination of the year in which Jesus Christ was born.

It includes the year "0" and eliminates the need for any prefixes or suffixes by attributing the arithmetic sign to the date.

Thus, the astronomical date for 2000 CE is simply 2000 or 2000.

In recent years, some historical scholars have advocated the use of the religiously neutral abbreviations BCE (for "Before Common Era") to substitute for "BC," and "CE" (for "Common Era") to replace "AD." These secular terms are both used as suffixes making them better suited to computer generated tables.

Common era dating system

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