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To the contrary, a single individual is merely a unique member of society.

The relational whole is much more than and much different from the sum of its mere fungible parts.

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And Norms open praise of the dissertation, during my defense, disarmed the lingering resistance. However, bringing this unduly protracted episode to a close, in my judgment, could not have come from within the economics and political science departments only.

I therefore gratefully thank any anonymous university member who might have intervened to bring about that end. I like, however, to recognize Dan Lee, Sadaf Rahimi, Randy Silverman, Kristeen Arnold, Juli Hinz, and Sarah Michalak. I gratefully thank Christine Pickett, the Thesis Editor, for her keen reading, and conscientious and timely editing of this work.

The critiques thrust, however, is to critically evaluate the merits of these mechanisms, assess their repercussions, and discern their viability to conditions of underdevelopment.

Ultimately, the critique conceptualizes generic themes germane to addressing the common problems of underdevelopment, especially poverty alleviation,(not revolution, not socialism, not delinking, not autarky, not mere efficiency and not structural adjustment) is the transformation mechanism most compatible with UDCs' current circumstances.

I finally thank Allen Sievers, for his seven-year perseverance on the committee, despite his reservations, and for his remarks.

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