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Only God can change a person once they surrender to His will and allow the Holy Spirit to change them from the inside out. I’ve seen the end of many relationships because one party thought that over time, the other person would change their ways because of their influence.

Deep down this is usually a case of somebody taking matters into their own hands instead of trusting and waiting on God!

Thinking that their newly found significant other is “the one” can cause them to imagine spiritual qualities in the other person that they don’t actually possess, or even cause them to compromise what they know God wants for them in a relationship.

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If a job, a title, money, or even a hobby is what they worship, then don’t continue in the relationship! Unless they sincerely repent and turn back to God, the idol in their life will pull them further away from Jesus.

Sadly, if a person doesn’t have the love of Jesus abiding in them, they will be filled with spiritual darkness and tension in the relationship will grow greater and greater. As cliche as it is, couples that pray together stay together and also have the most satisfying relationships!

Only He gives us the grace we need to love and forgive!

The more time we spend with Him, the more He conforms our character to be like His. Some people learn this right away, but many never learn it!

He is sovereign over all things and knows what you need!

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