Condoleezza rice dating history

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She recalled one occasion when she asked to see some of the nicer jewelry in a store, and the saleswoman mumbled a rude remark under her breath.

As Rice recalled to Wilkerson, she told the woman, "' Let's get one thing clear.

From her northwest corner office of the West Wing, she is responsible for sharpening and presenting the arguments of the administration's often rambunctious National Security Council.

Before her current stint, she had overseen decisions in corporate boardrooms, managed a multimillion-dollar budget at Stanford University, and negotiated key deals for the first President Bush.

Rice began piano lessons at the age of three, and gave her first recital a year later.

She became somewhat of a musical prodigy in the Birmingham area, performing often at school and community events.

In addition to long hours spent practicing the piano, she also took French and Spanish lessons after school, and later became a competitive figure skater.

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