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Wells Fargo also offers private student loans for borrowers attending a career or community college.Here are the details: Career and Community College Wells Fargo student loans have variable interest rates ranging from for those who qualify.

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Our company may receive compensation from partners seen on our website. Wells Fargo offers private student loans for undergraduate and graduate-level students, as well as parents who want to help pay for education costs that aren’t covered by federal loans and financial aid.

Undergraduate student loans are available to students who are pursuing a college education at an accredited college or university.

These student loan options are known as traditional undergraduate student loans, and they come with the following features and considerations: Interest rates for Wells Fargo traditional college and university private loans include rate options of either fixed or variable interest.

Borrowers may also not qualify for private student loans through Wells Fargo because of their credit history or credit score, which may mean they need a cosigner.

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