Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage

by  |  03-Jul-2019 22:19

To access these services, VMkernel port can be configured on ESXi server using a standard or distributed v Switch.

Without VMkernel, hosted VMs cannot communicate with ESXi server.

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it works like a physical switch automatically detects a VM which want to communicate with other VM on a same physical server.

v DS stands for Virtual Distributed Switch acts as a single switch in a whole virtual environment and is responsible to provide central provisioning, administration, and monitoring of the virtual network.

FT stands for Fault Tolerance very prominent component of VMware v Sphere.

It provides continuous availability for VMs when an ESXi host fails. FT is very bandwidth intensive and 10GB NIC is recommended to configure it.

It creates a complete copy of an entire VM such as storage, compute, and memory.

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