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Samples must be taken not under a strong incidence of light.As a rule, two samples are taken from each test specimen, which are subjected to two separate TL analyses , in each case specifying the drilling position. If restoration work of the samples is discovered in one of the objects to be tested, the TL expertise carries the appropriate reference.A relative limitation of such insecurities can be archived with the provision of comparative data from secured excavation sites and other safe' sources.

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At this point which touches at the boundaries of nuclear physics, the exact dating of objects of art often becomes problematic.

A precise evaluation of the gamma radiation energy is only possible when the exact geological conditions at the location of origin of the examined find are known.

Under exposure to great heat such minerals release this energy again in form of light impulses.

Radioactive radiation is created by the traces of uranium-, thorium-, kalium-, and rubidiumisotope which can be found almost everywhere in the earth’s crust.

After a period of cooling the energy storing process starts anew and a certain amount of stored energy is gained annually.

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