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dating a younger girl advice - Covenant dating

The existence of both spiritual and sexual attraction (Genesis -24).

A demonstration of brother-to-sister behavior only (1 Timothy 5:2; 2 Corinthains )[5].

The Bible would see all forms of courtship (whether called by the term “dating” or “courting[1]”) as exclusively for assessing one’s suitability as a spouse and never just as “a partner in an intimate relationship” since all such relationships would undoubtedly include sexual attraction[2] with the obvious goal of sexual activity – something forbidden outside of the marriage covenant (1 Thessalonians 4:2-3 – “sexual immorality” = sexual activity outside the of a marriage covenant).

The biblical concept of betrothal is therefore closest to the concept of dating[3] since: 1.3.1.

In relation to God, this happens only after we have passed from this life into the next (see Revelation 19:6-9).

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