Creating dating program

by  |  01-Sep-2019 09:23

I was writing a teleseminar this week about 'concretizing' coaching - finding ways to demonstrate the value and power of coaching in a tangible way.

And it reminded me of a turning point in my coaching business several years ago - a coaching program I created that got me 12 clients in 2 weeks.

*** And for ideas, here is the here is the ACTUAL Program Detail with Tools I created for the first 3 Months of the program.

But this program - as it was - got me clients AND left me feeling proud and confident for the first time in a long while!

I talk about this and more on a teleseminar I did for Practical Business Building Tips with Emma-Louise Elsey So, we have excitement, enthusiasm and confidence from me.

And clear and relevant topics, good timing, great pricing and a time limit for the clients - so they understand exactly what the coaching involves.

Yes, I still had to put the poster up around town, email my contacts, mention it my newsletter and put it on my website.

This is exactly as I used it - and I have learned a LOT since then.

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