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Sometimes country names were used as part of the mark before 1891; here are the dates of the earliest marks we have seen using the country name as part of the mark: Bone china—20th century: The English name for a special type of ceramic developed about 1800.The words "bone china" do not appear as part of a mark until about 1915. Cooking ware—ca,1923-present: A ceramic container that is suitable to use while cooking food.

Not many original sets available now, great opportunity.

season 3: 7 major events in the Royal family's history we can expect to see Taking itself out of the running for this year's awards cycle means that episodes for the upcoming season are not expected to be finished in time for the Emmy entry deadline of May 31.

Oven-to-table— 1978-present: A ceramic designed to be used in the oven and as a serving dish.

Patent applied for—1902-present: A patent application has been filed with the United States Patent Office.

NRA and eagle symbol—1933-1936 The National Recovery Administration, United States, created by the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933, helped to create jobs. Oven proof—after 1933: The ceramic can be used for baking in an oven.

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