Currier ives dating prints dating for over 50s in glasgow

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There is a big difference in price between one of the prints in these popular subjects (a large folio print can go in the tens of thousands of dollars) and a less desirable subject (some large folio subjects sell in the hundreds).

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Besides historical prints, the one type of print that is collected more than any other are those by Currier & Ives.

Currier & Ives have been collected ever since the early twentieth century and today there are still many people who collect these wonderful images of nineteenth century America.

A small folio railroad print in fine condition will sell for over $2,000, whereas one with tears or faded color will not sell at all to serious collectors and so will sell for much less to when it does sell.

One of the "peculiar" things about Currier & Ives collectors is that many of them are very focused on margins.

These two lists created an instant market for the 100 prints chosen and the lists have been reprinted in many Currier & Ives books since.

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