Datascroller not updating salesforce updating audit fields

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Let’s say this site has a list of articles; some are about CSS, some are about HTML, and some are about Java Script.

On our webpage we show all the articles at once, but our user only wants to see the CSS articles. Because all the articles are already being shown, we don’t want to do another round trip to the server to get to a page containing just the CSS articles — that is a waste of time.

What if you want to change a specific element inside the DOM?

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We have implement the datascroller from primefaces and extend it with lazy=true this works fine for the first lazy loading. I have Lazy Data Scroller and I want to update elements by class Name (updated="@(Class)"). When I load few chunks, and redirect to details page of my element - I want on return to my Data Scroller page to keep scroll position and all loaded ...

We want to spotlight some of these articles in a nice animated carousel, but what about users that don’t have Java Script enabled for whatever reason?

Thinking back to our unobtrusive Java Script knowledge, we want the website functionality to still work for these users, but we might want to style the site differently for those users so that their user experience is still pleasant, even without the carousel.

I want to use Primefaces datascroller with lazy loading. I noticed that Datascroller called load method twice.

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