Dating heart lonely

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Angel, clearly at a loss, guesses the little angel drawn on them is a butterfly, while Doyle, trying futilely to impress Cordelia, guesses the graphic depicts a night-hunting owl.

However, before he arrives, the bartender, now possessed by the eviscerating demon, hits Kate with a bottle.

Angel shows up just in time, and the demon flees into the night. Angel throws him into a burning trash can, and when it rises again Kate shoots it with her gun.

"Lonely Heart" is second episode of the first season of Angel, and is the second episode overall. Angel Investigations looks into a series of killings linked to an LA singles club.

Doyle receives a vision that sends Angel Investigations to D'Oblique, a trendy bar for singles.

Cordelia immediately begins to pass around Angel's business cards, until Doyle stops her, cautioning her to stay "under the radar", since some people might label Angel the "v-word".

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