2016 dating site 4 really site in pk - Dating a butterface

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A perfect, amazing body, always overcomes a butterface. Focus on some physical traits that are important to you, accept the shortcomings in other areas. Would you want a partner that views you as a shortcoming? Are you putting your unrealistic views up too high and missing out on a great partner?

As all men know, a woman can mask almost ANYTHING on her, face with make up. What happens if you have an accident, become paralyzed and gain weight?

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And then the same men put their bar (on what a woman should look like) up so high.

And Bob: The men that you meet in your social circle probably share your opinions.

If you really really fall for someone, they'll become beautiful in your eyes and that's all that matters.

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I’m looking forward to seeing your remarks down below. If I tell you exactly what I would do, I’m going to be executed on the block. I’m looking to get into a healthy conversation amongst all you guys. She has a ‘butterface.’ Everything was great on her, but her face is awful.

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