Dating a doctor

by  |  21-May-2019 11:48

It would make me hesitant perhaps but not an automatic deal breaker. I think I'd have to know you to know whether you would be worth the stress, and whether you flout the stereotype/whether the stereotype is bs.

If you are tired and stressed, but lash out when you are tired and're going to have a hard time getting along with an SO.

You will have to put effort in to making things work, so that your future girlfriend doesn't feel like she is always the one bending over for you. Like, don't forget her birthday (which my ex-boyfriend who was a med school student did), or try to plan for special occasions like that.

Hi, I'm a guy who is studying to become a doctor, hopefully a surgeon. But I guess, you have to have a little bit of one anyways to go into our line of work.

I understand from reading other posts that there is some sort of appeal to guys who are doctors, but in reality, what are your thoughts on dating a surgeon, especially a resident who will be working almost 90 hours a week for 5-7 years, not being able to come home some nights, always being tired and stressed, etc. From the admittedly small sample size I have here, it seems that many women are put off by the hours and demands, but there are some who would be willing to work through it. I'm OB/gyn and there's a whole other stereotype with that.

When I was growing up, my best friend and I would daydream about getting married. However, if you’re hoping to date or marry a doctor, you can’t just wish on a shooting star as a child. That’s not always easy because doctors work long, hard hours, so they often don’t have the time or energy to go to bars, clubs, or other social settings to find a date. A reputable doctor dating site can help well-educated singles find friendship and love in the medical community.

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