Dating a guy with low self confidence Sexvideo chat with strangers best sites

by  |  17-Sep-2019 15:59

It tells us we’re not worthy, we lack confidence, we’re weak or we’re simply not mastering our lives.

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On the surface, it all looks great: confidence abounds and others notice it. The reality is that many men are not self-confident inside of themselves, and are busy upholding that facade to friends, coworkers or their wife or girlfriend.

Men in my practice talk about how others would see struggle, turmoil and insecurity if they were to look a little closer.

There is little accommodation, culturally speaking, for not feeling self-confident or in control.

“The man your man could smell like,” a recent video from the popular Old Spice online marketing campaign, stokes that low-self-confidence, from an olfactory level.

You probably won’t get laid if you listen to the Old Spice guy.

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