Dating a irish man

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Even if she's not into sport, put her in front of an Ireland rugby or football match and she turns into a super fan. If she invites you to a family wedding, prepare to meet all 47 of her first cousins. When you're sick, she'll insist flat 7UP is the best cure.

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In addition to having that accent (oh, that accent), they bring a few things to the dating table that other guys just can't.

Keep reading for 18 reasons why you should date an Irish guy at least once in your life.

Deadly craic, that's gas, cop on to yourself, get the shift, yer man's a ride, yer one's a wagon, bang off that... You don't really know her until you understand that notions are the worst possible thing to have. She always buys her round in the pub and thanks the bus driver.

If she's a teacher or a nurse, she's definitely gotten the shift in Copper's.

They have a great love of conversation and a genuine interest in other people; independence, education, and a good sense of humor are all hallmarks of the Irish man’s character.

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