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Neglect, abuse, or a mother’s emotional distress can create an emotional wound that can leave a child with “feelings of abandonment, the dread of aloneness, a loss of a sense of self and well-being, a hunger for feminine touch that can be eroticized, unhealthy emotional dependencies, and possible gender confusion.” (Alfred C. Davis, Focus on the Family Canada)The consequences in adult relationships for men can be either emotional detachment, emotional dependency, or a repetitive pattern that alternates between the two.

In this, women are pursued as an idealized mother who can save from all the pain and angst that comes from being isolated and alone.

They can become stuck in patterns of passivity and resentment in their marriages.

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Christian counseling can facilitate this restorative journey by encouraging the value of prayer and the support of loving, truthful, and gracious spiritual community.

There is hope for men with abandonment issues because God is making all things new.

They can remain emotionally fused to their mothers in an unhealthy way, or else become detached in defensive protection.

When their wives disappoint them, they can feel profound betrayal and even rage.

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