phelps and schmidt dating - Dating a picture frame

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Table 1 Baines to 1829 max BSA post WW2to51, Carpenter to 5752 max, Hill Special® to end 1950 and later with endcode, Higgins to 9999in 1964, Jack Taylor to 8800 max, Rensch post war, Paris to 8900 max, Sunbeam to ‘32, Raleigh to ‘25, Royal Enfield, RO Harrison®, Paragon post WW2 to 2289, Mal Rees®, Saxon, Stephens®, Viking , BSA 1934 on have W, WA etc then post ‘51 A to E, Ephgrave(LE), Stallard post 1946, Carlton, Sun, Hill Special® , Major Nichols (MN)®, Ernie Clements, Selbach Timken bearing models have a T, Granby some taper tube frames have a TT, Maclean pre WW2 A to W Maclean post WW2 K to KD, Viking some models S, H, AF, Volume 1 and Volume 2 JPMPF. Volume 1: Bates; Carlton; Claud Butler; Ephgrave; Gillott; Hetchins; Hobbs of Barbicon; Holdsworth; Raleigh; Rensch and Paris; Rotrax; Stallard Volume 2: Baines; Carpenter; Granby; Harrison; Higgins; Maclean; Mercian; Paragon; Mal Rees; Saxon; Stephens; Viking Hill Special: , or ME if a V-CC member.

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It can be worthy of note however that as sometimes very thick layers of paint can make the main frame number difficult to read –the steerer tube number is the only reliable evidence!

Granby before 1940 used to punch the number on the underside of the head tube –along the bottom edge of the fork crown.

Picture frames come in a variety of profiles, but generally the lengths of moulding feature a "lip" and rabbet, the function of which is to allow a space to hold in the materials in the frame.

The lip extends usually about inch (6 mm) past the edge of the rabbet.

Antique Picture Frames have a history disabled dating to the 2nd century ...

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