Dating a poor girl

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Jugnu's parents died when she was young, and her fathers friend, whom she calls Chachaji, looks ...See full summary » Director: Shaukat Hussain Rizvi Aaron, a young, successful Chinese businessman, drifts on to a rural island after a scuba accident.

See full summary » Director: Prasanna Vithanage Pooja comes from a very poor family consists of her mom, dad Ramlal and brother, Raju.

She meets the wealthy, Thakur Suraj Pratap and both is in love and get married with the blessings of ... Muralimohana Rao, Rajesh Malik Suraj ( Dilip Kumar ) and Jugnu ( Noor Jehan ) study in the same college and fall in love.

See full summary » Director: Indra Kumar Rajoo (Rajesh Khanna) and Sheetal (Hema Malini) are in love, and expecting some opposition from Rajoo's dad (Ajit), they marry in a simple temple ceremony. See full summary » Director: Ramesh Sippy Thakur Surajbhan Singh Kanwar forces Thakur Shamsher Singh Rana sister to commit suicide thus the two business-men became enemies.

Years later Surajbhan's son, Raja and Rana's daughter, ... See full summary » Director: Daniel Auteuil Family image matters more than anything to the Grenvilles, even when the son is shot dead by his former chorus girl wife, whom his mother despises.

See full summary » Director: Alexander Hall As the mousy Margarita arrives in Kos to promote a clothing brand's summer collection, a glorious mix-up will lead to a whimsical masquerade, and the romantic affair with a rich islander. Director: Dimis Dadiras A wealthy coldhearted business man falls in love with a poor kindhearted girl who lives in the very buildings his company want to knock down.

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