Dating a real estate agent Sexchatonline com

by  |  12-Apr-2019 01:52

As unrelated as dating and real estate marketing may seem, it’s easy to see the correlation once you break it down.

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This is when you get a buyer to subscribe to your listing alerts or a homeowner to fill out an info form about the property they’re looking to sell. This is when you ask for the commitment — the purchase, appointment or paid subscription.

• Going Steady:  You’ve had a few dates with great food, laughter and fun. It’s the point where it’s finally appropriate to ask the seller to sign your contract or the buyer to deem you their exclusive agent.

This commitment-pushing approach certainly wouldn’t work with dating, so why do agents (or any brand, for that matter) think it would work when people have serious money on the line?

In Real Estate, Marketing Is Relationship-Building At the end of the day, it’s important that agents remember they’re building a relationship with their buyers and sellers.

Just like you would with a potential love interest, you have to invest in them.

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