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Avoid crossing your arm or playing with your smartphone as the male will think you’re bored and dissatisfied.Read more: How To Start Dating – 5 Proven Method For Success Instead, smile a lot while you’re talking to your friends and hold your head up. If you want your smile to look way more natural, try to think of something beautiful or any funny moments in your life.

Tell him you have no ideas about his work field neither his favorite classical music. Note: If you’re not sure about how he feels about you, you may need to check my other post on how to look for signs of strong physical attraction between both of you.

Admit that you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer is not a bad thing to do.

Those clothing, hairstyle or makeup will make you feel good and improve your confidence level.

Besides, you also can wear unique accessories like jewelry or a vintage scarf in order to be a center of attraction.

Be careful while thinking of those funny moments as I am afraid that you might burst into laughter accidentally.

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