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Plus, our conversations started to get a little boring.

There’s only so much reporting of my day I could do!

Shortly into our relationship, my husband and I decided to experiment with talking a little less.

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Even though technology has made LDRs much easier (can you imagine if you had to rely on writing letters?

), technology still doesn't make up for face-to-face contact.

Everything would be better if they were there to share it with you. It would be unattractive if they had no life or friends or interests outside of you. Whatever you do, don’t spend every night waiting for them to call.

But that also puts huge amounts of pressure on your relationship. Of course, you want to be invited to partake in their life, and you want to build a life together, but you also want them to have things that are just for them. Besides, the more you do, the more you’ll have to talk about with your love.

In long-distance relationships, it’s probably the MOST important (with an excellent sex life being a close second).

Dating advice long distance relationships

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