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When you sign up with B&B Reporting Inc, you are assigned an account manager who will answer questions you have about the service, the screening process and the results of a background check, etc. is an accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the official accrediting agency of the background check industry.

Accreditation lasts five years, after which a company must undergo the process again to remain accredited.

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Once he understood what we were looking for in a background check service, he suggested several screenings that would satisfy our needs.

He clearly explained the screening options and why we would likely need each one.

The platform is easy to use – it has more than 2,000 configuration options that you can use to customize the background check process to suit your business.

The agency also gives you access to automated forms and data collection, which further streamlines the ordering process and the amount of work involved in collecting data about employees.

So, for example, if you run three screenings in June, you will be billed on July 1.

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