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According to Zalta, our brains process moving images 600,000 times faster, and find them six times easier to recall, compared to text-based content.

Photoshop makes it very simple to turn your videos into looping GIFs, and allows you enough freedom to embellish them with some text or a logo as directed in the ‘Text-Only GIFs’ section above. Stop-motion GIFs are certainly the most time-consuming method featured in this article, however the results, if executed cleanly, can really extend the boundaries of your creative content.

This technique can enable you to produce anything from a slideshow of products to a miniature stop motion story using objects or people as subjects.

If you are photographing a subject for a stop-motion style animation, it is worth keeping the following tips in mind: If you would like to use photographs in your animation but do not have the time or space to take these yourself, try a stock photo website such as (pay as you go or subscription) or (100% free) to find images that you feel match your branding.

I have used a series of circular stock images for this example, but you can use existing product photography. Open a new document in Photoshop and type in your desired dimensions 2.

Select any saved images that you would like to include in your slideshow, and open them in Photoshop.

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