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Her statistical findings, and the implications of these findings, are fascinating.Here are a couple of stats that I found to be particularly interesting as it relates to faith and marriage: ). Wilcox finds that "active conservative protestants" who attend church regularly are actually 35% less likely to divorce than those who have no religious preferences.In all cases, notice the active element of the faith commitment. I've only been married 26 years, but I've learned a lot.

My question is more about the relationship of Christianity with other religions, of Christ with other gods from other religions.

A good human being belonging to a different religion who has hardly done anything wrong in his/her life does not become an "unbeliever" just because they don't practice your faith.

It is a difficult day for some as it reminds them of a recent breakup or difficult divorce. Let's look at some research: What the Research Shows About Marriage and Divorce One of the most common statements that I've seen is "Christians divorce at the same rate as non-Christians," undoubtedly giving the world another opportunity to shout "Hypocrite!

When it comes to marriage and divorce, people are drawn to shocking statistics. Do Christians divorce as often as the rest of the world or even more? " This is controversial statement that is surely going to attract eyes and pageviews, but how accurate is it?

If we want to experience marriage as God created it to be, a reflection of his sacrificial love and leadership of the Church, we've got to keep him at the center of our marriages. Live that truth and your marriage will more likely thrive.

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