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This starts in the year of Mohammed’s flight from Mecca to Medina in the Western year AD 622 and the years are based on the lunar calendar of 354 days.To convert and adjust for the number of days in the year, the Islamic script can be read for the year using the following number conversions: The conversion formula to use is: Y is the Moslem year The data used has been abstracted from: Jones, Ian, ‘Design Registration Marks’ Ironbridge Gorge Museum Information Sheet No 7, 1981.

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Such designs could then be produced in quantity for as long as needed or fashionable and numbers therefore only give the earliest date in which an object could have been produced.

Since improvements in design have always been a driving force in the industrial societies, many of the numbers would only have been used for a few years and therefore do give a helpful guide.

During the years 1853-1858, Lachenal occupied Alpha and Omega Cottages, British School Lane, 7 Chiswick, as a ‘House’ and ‘Manufactory’ 8 respectively (see Fig. The Chiswick Rate Books show both to have been owned by ‘Messrs.

Wheatstone & Co.’,9 and it is interesting to note that they were only about a quarter of an hour’s walk from Charles Wheatstone’s house, in Lower Mall, Hammersmith, 10 suggesting that he was probably taking an active interest in the venture.

patent search, a patent number search searches for a single patent by its corresponding number.

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