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We feel furniture expresses something about you, so we want it to be a true reflection of who you are.If you want to know how it all began, we have to take you back to late 1800s in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to an area northwest of Martinsville, Virginia.

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Our rich heritage is a source of great pride for us.

No other company provides more custom options than Bassett.

The Bassett family was running a sawmill that supplied rail ties for the new Norfolk & Western line that was being built through the family property.

In 1892, the rail line was completed and the family began looking for markets for its lumber. D.” Bassett was making a good living traveling the countryside selling goods for general stores when he began carrying lumber samples from the mill.

Bassett is in the middle, left of center, with the moustache and bowler hat. Bassett has about 100 dedicated retail locations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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