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(RIP Mac Miller and Lil Peep.) DIIV’s forthcoming album, PJ Morton, “Ready” “Many people thought I was done.

Part of this documentary is to show everybody that I’m not done.

They experienced the type of success on their debut LP that most pub-dwelling British bands could only dream of, including a prestigious Mercury prize nomination. stands for When You Gonna Drop That New Shit), but more importantly, he talks a bunch of shit, talks about a bunch of bad and crazy stuff that has happened in America, and oscillates between muttered thoughts, stream-of-consciousness digressions, and a brief foray into the biting growl that has become his signature.

The test for such bands is always in proving that they have more tricks up their sleeve. At first, it feels like an outro, but it quickly becomes something more than a throwaway capstone.

On “It’s Easy Then” they immediately throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s a track that plays with time and expectations and comes out the other side as a compelling collaboration between two rap greats.

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